Forged Iron Table Bases

Why don’t you order custom made forged iron table bases online? We can use an image of any design you like to replicate. Table base price is defined by amount of iron needed for its custom production. Taking under consideration the table stand dimensions and complexity of the style the cost can be calculated precisely. The buyer can use our online forged iron table base collection for inspiration, ordering the model we have listed or modifying it to suit his/her requirements. The bases depending on the size can be used for dining, living room and eat in kitchen tables. Also, they can decorate outdoor patios and verandas.  Iron bases from Mexico are made of high gauge metal. They were designed to support heavy tabletops including copper, stone and thick glass.

forged iron table base


2 thoughts on “Forged Iron Table Bases

  1. Forged iron table base is an excellent idea to decorate a rustic house. Everywhere I put it the table will work very good and the place will look beautiful. The bases designs are very beautiful and the finishing is very well done.


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