Forged Iron Chandeliers from Mexico

Mexico is the best source of old world forged iron chandeliers. Since Spanish conquest new arrivals began building in the new world cities based on plans drawn in Europe. Any construction at the time either churches or public included all decorative elements used back home. Illumination fixtures were a big part of hacienda architecture. At the present time Mexican forged iron chandeliers are handmade for both indoor and outdoor. Large ceiling lamps in colonial style often are used for decorating large houses foyer and five star hotels. Some chandeliers are simple and other designs are made of hundreds of small forged iron elements. They are currently produced as made to order furnishings using traditional style lamps developed centuries ago. Average production time of a medium size forged iron chandelier is four weeks and that includes shipping time from Mexico to the US.

2 thoughts on “Forged Iron Chandeliers from Mexico

  1. Forged iron chandeliers are very beautiful. The best is that these chandeliers are made in Mexico, and Mexico is the pest pace to buy rustic chandeliers.If you are doing a rustic house you must have one of these.


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