Black Iron Chandeliers from Mexico

When it comes to creating a captivating and sophisticated atmosphere in your home, few lighting fixtures can compare to the allure of black iron chandeliers from Mexico. These handcrafted masterpieces seamlessly blend Old World charm with modern design sensibilities, making them statement piece that adds drama and style to any space. In this blog post,…

Forged Iron Home Furniture

Forged iron home furniture has gained popularity among homeowners due to its unique aesthetic appeal, strength, and durability. Iron forged window guards, iron mirrors, black iron chandeliers, and forged iron lighting features are some of the popular items that showcase the beauty and sturdiness of this material.

Wrought Iron Lighting fixtures

Wrought iron lighting fixtures can add a touch of elegance to any home. They are available in a variety of styles and designs and can be used to accentuate any type of decor. Whether you are looking for a chandelier to hang in your foyer or lanterns to light up your garden, there is a wrought iron fixture that is perfect for you.

forged iron wall lamp

Forged Iron Wall Lamp

Spanish architecture inspired the architect or metalwork artist to create this beautiful forged iron wall lamp. It has simple design maintained in traditional old European style. The wall lamp fixture is made of two iron elements joint together. Larger square base is attached to the wall. The lamp light bulb is mounted on the long…

spanish forged iron decorations old european style

Spanish Forged Iron Decorations

Spanish forged iron decor is an integral part of Southern architecture. Interior decorators have a large array of iron product available, most of them handmade in Mexico. Since the country decorative ideas are heavily influence by Spanish heritage, they reflect old European style interiors and building exteriors. Forged iron decorations imported form Spain are not…

hacienda style lighting

Hacienda Style Lighting

Hacienda style lighting includes handmade iron chandeliers, wall sconces and outdoor lanterns. As the term hacienda in itself defines the style, there are many designs available as well as new once constantly being invented. The history of hacienda style lighting reaches beginning of colonial period in Americas when Spanish arrived. They immediately began building cities…

mexican wrought iron chandelier

Mexican Wrought Iron Chandelier

What is Mexican wrought iron chandelier? One may assume that any lamp from metal produced in the country would be called that way. And probably he/she wouldn’t be mistaken. However, what we want to say when talking about Mexican chandelier is a specific style which resembles Spanish heritage of iron work used for decorating hacienda…

mexican forged iron chandeliers

Forged Iron Chandeliers from Mexico

Mexico is the best source of old world forged iron chandeliers. Since Spanish conquest new arrivals began building in the new world cities based on plans drawn in Europe. Any construction at the time either churches or public included all decorative elements used back home. Illumination fixtures were a big part of hacienda architecture. At the…

forged iron interior illumination

Forged Iron Illumination Fixtures

Forged iron lamps and chandeliers are great for rustic interior illumination while converting a room into Spanish style hacienda. Some designs include a lot of elements and others are simple. Making a basic chandelier out of hand forged iron doesn’t mean it is going automatically loose its colonial hacienda character. Rustic forged iron illumination fixtures…

hacienda forged iron lighting

Hacienda Style Lighting

Forged iron was used by Spanish in Europe long before their arrival to Americas. Once they did they introduced hacienda style while building their colonial residences, churches and public office buildings. Forged iron lights including wall sconces, ceiling chandeliers and table lamps were big part of the style which was based too the large degree…