wrought iron copper range hood frame

How a Copper Range Hood is Made?

A question how copper range hoods are made pops up regularly when we are discussing with our clients custom work. In general, all Rustica House copper range hoods are made of wrought iron base covered with hammered or smooth metal. It can be copper, zinc or iron as well as tin. It means there are…

handmade black iron decorations

Black Iron Decorations

Black iron can be used in many places around the house. Down in the Southern USA along Mexican border whee there is a great influence of Spanish heritage the iron is used for handmade kitchen, living room and bathroom accessories. Often, a dining tabletop is made of copper or zinc supported by black iron table…

forged iron table bases

Forged Iron Table Bases

Why don’t you order custom made forged iron table bases online? We can use an image of any design you like to replicate. Table base price is defined by amount of iron needed for its custom production. Taking under consideration the table stand dimensions and complexity of the style the cost can be calculated precisely.…

rustic metal range hoods

Rustic Metal Range Hood

We were experimenting lately with various metal finishes on metal range hoods to make them more rustic. We decided to overheat metal the range hood was made of and let it cool off. The outcome was interesting pattern made of variety of colors ranging from dark blue to black. Some areas of surface were left…