black iron door hardware

Black Iron Door Hardware

Want to add rustic character to the room right at the door? Consider installing on them black iron hardware. Knockers and knobs are excellent items for converting an ordinary to hacienda style door. Black iron hardware comes in many shapes and sizes It was used in Mexico right from the beginning of the Spanish conquest…

forged iron table bases

Forged Iron Table Bases

Why don’t you order custom made forged iron table bases online? We can use an image of any design you like to replicate. Table base price is defined by amount of iron needed for its custom production. Taking under consideration the table stand dimensions and complexity of the style the cost can be calculated precisely.…

hacienda style foged iron from Mexico

Hacienda Style Forged Iron

Forged iron window guards can be beautiful as well as provide good security to your home at the same time. In order to make them a part of hacienda architectural design the window guards will require more effort both economic and labor wise.  Also, a gauge of forged iron should be high enough to provide…

colonial style forged iron table bases

Forged Iron Table Base

Simple style made of three legs supporting two rings joining them together is all about this forged iron table base. Who said the design needs to be complicated full of decorative ornaments to be beautiful? This colonial style forged iron base demonstrates that a few pieces of metal bent in certain artisan way can make…

forged iron decor

Forged Iron Fencing

Forged iron can be used for many different projects for inside and outside home improvement projects. One of the applications is creating beautiful forged iron fences. They are produced at Rustica House facility as made to order right from scratch. That includes designing the style taking into account house location, neighborhood and architecture. Iron fencing…

rustic metal range hoods

Rustic Metal Range Hood

We were experimenting lately with various metal finishes on metal range hoods to make them more rustic. We decided to overheat metal the range hood was made of and let it cool off. The outcome was interesting pattern made of variety of colors ranging from dark blue to black. Some areas of surface were left…

rustic wrought iron chandelier

Rustic Wrought Iron Chandelier

I was often asked about rustic wrought iron chandeliers. More precisely what rusted metal finishing really mean? To make a chandelier as rustic as possible we truly create rust on the wrought iron surface. First we pour acid and wash with water. Then leave it on the sun for hours. The process of creating rustic…