hacienda style lighting

Hacienda Style Lighting

Hacienda style lighting includes handmade iron chandeliers, wall sconces and outdoor lanterns. As the term hacienda in itself defines the style, there are many designs available as well as new once constantly being invented. The history of hacienda style lighting reaches beginning of colonial period in Americas when Spanish arrived. They immediately began building cities…

mexican wrought iron chandelier

Mexican Wrought Iron Chandelier

What is Mexican wrought iron chandelier? One may assume that any lamp from metal produced in the country would be called that way. And probably he/she wouldn’t be mistaken. However, what we want to say when talking about Mexican chandelier is a specific style which resembles Spanish heritage of iron work used for decorating hacienda…

mexican forged iron chandeliers

Forged Iron Chandeliers from Mexico

Mexico is the best source of old world forged iron chandeliers. Since Spanish conquest new arrivals began building in the new world cities based on plans drawn in Europe. Any construction at the time either churches or public included all decorative elements used back home. Illumination fixtures were a big part of hacienda architecture. At the…

custom iron chandelier

Custom Iron Chandelier

This custom iron chandelier is our latest project we are working on. It is huge lamp designed for high ceiling living room or foyer in both residential setting and commercial establishments. Chandelier iron is going to be naturally rusted with rustic and at the same time elegant look. Those are basic characteristics: Diameter 57” Height…

antique forged iron chandelier

Antique Iron Chandelier

What a beautiful iron chandelier in antique style! Hand crafted in forged iron lamps most likely by a skilled artist from Mexico. I have seen those chandeliers on my trip to San Miguel de Allende displayed by one of the most appreciated producers or replica old world lighting fixtures. The origin of the designs were…

hacienda iron chandelier

Hacienda Chandelier

What is hacienda chandelier and where it come from? Most hacienda chandeliers are handmade in Mexico out of forged iron and painted black. Their style is a reflection of old European designs brought to Americas by Spanish during conquest. So in fact any hacienda illumination fixture is also old European style chandelier of Spanish origin.…