forged iron hardware in hacienda style

Forged Iron Hacienda Hardware

Forged iron hardware in hacienda style is quite unique. Hardware is a copy of originalĀ old Spanish designs that originated in Europe long before discovery of Americas. At the present day very little forged iron hardware is produced on the old continent and the US. The only source still cultivating the tradition is central Mexico and…

hacienda iron chandelier

Hacienda Chandelier

What is hacienda chandelier and where it come from? Most hacienda chandeliers are handmade in Mexico out of forged iron and painted black. Their style is a reflection of old European designs brought to Americas by Spanish during conquest. So in fact any hacienda illumination fixture is also old European style chandelier of Spanish origin.…

forged iron chandeliers

Forged Iron Chandeliers

Introducing one of a kind forged iron chandeliers. Our chandeliers are custom made using best forged iron interior illumination designs. They are influenced by colonial tradition of central Mexico and other regions of Latin America. Custom Made collection consists of old European and Mexican style chandeliers, wall scones, outdoor lanterns andĀ  indoor lamps. We make…