Mexican forged iron balcony

Mexican Forged Iron Balcony

Mexico can be a great source of inspiration for all kind of forged iron furnishings including balcony. If you are looking for Spanish style while building your brand new residence or remodeling your home, thank Old European style. Mexican hacienda is the best example of beautiful work of art when the balcony railings are concerned.…

mexican forged iron chandeliers

Forged Iron Chandeliers from Mexico

Mexico is the best source of old world forged iron chandeliers. Since Spanish conquest new arrivals began building in the new world cities based on plans drawn in Europe. Any construction at the time either churches or public included all decorative elements used back home. Illumination fixtures were a big part of hacienda architecture. At the…

forged iron railing

Forged Iron Railing

Forged iron railings are very popular in Southern regions of the US heavily influenced by Mexican architecture. Those who live close to the border can save a big time by simply crossing it and ordering a custom made forged iron railing they need. Those who live further North, there are two options. Either buy an…