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Spanish Forged Iron Decorations

Spanish forged iron decor is an integral part of Southern architecture. Interior decorators have a large array of iron product available, most of them handmade in Mexico. Since the country decorative ideas are heavily influence by Spanish heritage, they reflect old European style interiors and building exteriors. Forged iron decorations imported form Spain are not…


Mexican Tile for Sale

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Mexican tiles are for sale in three different sizes and many patterns. The tiles can be categorized as Spanish hacienda, folk, classic colonial and plain color. Mexican talavera tiles are used for decorating home interior and exterior walls as well as counters and tabletops. Some ceramic artists buy them to…


Made of Hammered Copper

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Hammered copper as material for producing various objects of daily home use appeared about three thousand years ago. It was used for domestic pottery and cooking dishes as well as weaponry. Copper is relatively easy to work with because its flexibility and temperature it melts. Now days most often utilized…


Decorating Interiors with Wrought Iron

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Wrought iron can be used for all kinds of interior decorations including mirrors, tables, lamps or table stands. Once the iron is heated to red it can be easly converted into complicated designs using simple tools that have been in use for thousands of years. A variety of styles is also…


Originally posted on Custom Made: Custom kitchens during your home improvement project or renovation require unique touch that can be fulfilled with a custom cocktop hood. It can be prodiced from hammered copper, smooth zinc or wrought iron. All of them regardless metal used for the production can be further customized for finishing and size.… via…

forged iron chandeliers

Forged Iron Chandeliers

Introducing one of a kind forged iron chandeliers. Our chandeliers are custom made using best forged iron interior illumination designs. They are influenced by colonial tradition of central Mexico and other regions of Latin America. Custom Made collection consists of old European and Mexican style chandeliers, wall scones, outdoor lanterns and  indoor lamps. We make…