Mexican Wrought Iron Chandelier

What is Mexican wrought iron chandelier? One may assume that any lamp from metal produced in the country would be called that way. And probably he/she wouldn’t be mistaken. However, what we want to say when talking about Mexican chandelier is a specific style which resembles Spanish heritage of iron work used for decorating hacienda style houses, hotels and restaurants. For the most part they are large illumination fixtures for outdoors and indoors. Often, you can find one as a focal point in a large entry or foyer. Mexican chandeliers produced from wrought iron are handmade on individual bases. Rustica House can fulfill any order beginning from a small ceiling lamp to large or even oversized iron chandelier handcrafted according to our designs or the buyer’s. Any design of Mexican wrought iron chandelier can be supplied in natural, black or rusted rustic finishing.


One thought on “Mexican Wrought Iron Chandelier

  1. With these mexican iron chandeliers my house will look great. These chandeliers are very beautiful and the finishing goes perfect with the rustic decoration of the whole place


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